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Asbestos saga could happen again In Australia

Monday, September 28, 2009

Asbestos related cancer is such a serious disease that asbestos minning in banned in most of countries including India.

Yesterday we wrote that illegal mining is still on in India and very few people are aware of how dangerous the disease is .

India being poor country still many workers are working with asbestos exposure on daily basis.

We would be daily publishing one article from across the globe about asbestos , steps taken across the globe for it , health issues , claims related to asbestos.

This is report from australian daily sydney herald :

Asbestos disease campaigner Karen Banton has warned that Australia could see a repeat of the James Hardie saga unless dramatic legislative changes are made.

Former Hardie chief executive Peter Macdonald was last month fined $350,000 and banned from directing a company for 15 years for creating misleading statements about the company's asbestos compensation fund.

Smaller fines and bans were imposed on two other former James Hardie executives and seven non-executive directors.

But Mrs Banton, the widow of Bernie Banton who died in 2007 of the asbestos-caused disease mesothelioma, said on Thursday there were not enough protective barriers in place to prevent a repeat of the whole affair.

Her husband, a former Hardie's employee, had spearheaded the crusade for sufferers of asbestos-related diseases.

"Governments of all persuasions over the years have failed in protecting people and ensuring that this doesn't happen again," she told reporters in Sydney.



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